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    Welcome to Arabian Betting

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    When betting sports or gambling at an online casino it is important that we choose a site where our money is safe and where the games are independently verified. It is also essential that our privacy and anonymity is protected. At Arabian Betting we offer:
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  • 100% Security and Privacy Guaranteed
    100% Security and Privacy Guaranteed

    We only recommend sites that are safe for you to play at

    It is very important that we choose a safe and secure environment when picking an online casino or betting site. We take the hard work out of the process and allow you to deposit with confidence. This means that we vet every single site we review and ensure that they are spyware free, are secure for your device and that your information will be kept safe.
  • Localised Guides and Deposit Methods
    Localised Guides and Deposit Methods
    Read guides written by experts explaining how to deposit and play online. Each country is different in terms of restrictions, deposit methods available and banking. We have researched and tested all the best options for you, providing a comprehensive guide for players on a country by country basis. These ensure that you get to play at a fair online site, your information is safe and that you can deposit and withdraw easily.

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Online Betting in Arab Countries

Gambling is prohibited in most Arab League member states. There are some exceptions such as Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco having legal sports betting. Even in countries where it is legal, smart players more often turn to foreign gambling websites for better odds. The beauty of the internet is that it has no borders. Players from anywhere, regardless of location, can access online betting that is legal, licensed, and regulated abroad. Our website is a complete guide to doing so from Arabic speaking countries.

On our regions page there are links to several countries. Each of these are guides written by professional gamblers living in that specific country. These are very detailed and include laws, local banking options, information on domestic sports, and other helpful content. They took vast research and personal experience to create. They are the best way to learn about gambling in a specific country. On our home page I cover the gist of online gambling in Arab countries broken down by casino and sports betting. At the bottom of this page I comment on online poker and banking options.

Arabic Online Casinos

Online casino is the gambling niche that has the highest number of websites available in Arabic language. The majority are also available in other languages including English and French. The ones most recommended are listed above.

The list above was generated by our server detecting your location. We also have a more detailed guide to online casino in your location. This can be read to learn about the banking options, and other intricacies of using these casinos in the country you are accessing from. It also addresses the reason some casinos might not work directly due to ISP blocks and how to get around this issue.

If the links in our table do not work, you are likely accessing from a country that blocks access to online casino websites. In some countries only the website but not the software is blocked. If you are accessing from a desktop or laptop you can attempt to use direct download links. For example: Try Spin Palace Casino or 888 Casino. If you are accessing from a mobile device, or those direct download links do not work, you may need a VPN to continue. You can learn how to obtain one by searching Best VPN for your country at Google, or a local internet search engine. Also, again, I suggest checking regions page to see if the country you live is listed. Those articles are very detailed guides that cover local banking options, how to get around any ISP blocks, and other intricacies of using online gambling sites.

As for choosing an online casino, understand the provided list is not sorted in any particular order. The first one, the last one, or another, might end up being your favourite. Each of them offers the most popular games blackjack, baccarat, roulette, craps, video poker, slot machines, and others in many different variants. Some even have live dealer games. These have an actual human dealer, at a live dealer studio, using a physical gambling table. The bets are placed online, but game is played live. It is broadcast to your monitor or mobile device using the latest in webcam rendering technology. The nice thing about this is there is no need to rely on the software being fair. Live dealer games are visually fair.

Live dealer is however not all upside. The standard computer based casino games are played at a much faster pace. They also support additional options such as side bets. Plus, some games are not ever played in the live dealer format as they are too complex to offer that version. An example is craps which can involve a lot of betting by each player. Another is slots which is always a computer game even when played in a live casino. At the casino mentioned on this page you can rest assured the computer games are fair.

Each casino we at Arabia Betting link to is legal, licensed, and regulated in a major foreign country. They are subject to audits from their government’s gaming commission that ensures all games are operating fairly. In addition, most use software provided by major publicly traded companies that are licensed, audited, and well respected, themselves. When dealing with major companies such as these there is no need to worry about the fairness of games. They are all random giving same distribution found in a live casino.

A major difference between the casinos listed is each has their own unique software. By trying them each you might find you prefer one casino’s software over their competitors. A more likely scenario is you will want to try all of them in order to claim unique bonuses and promotions offered. All casinos give a little extra something in perks to encourage players to make their first deposit, and to reward loyal customers. By having accounts at several casinos, as opposed to just one, you’ll have more bonus cash and promotion offers at your disposal that can help offset the house advantage.

If you need help with the banking options, scroll to the bottom of this home page. For now I move on to sports betting.

Arabic Sports Betting

There are only a small handful of Arabic language online bookies. If betting in this language is an absolute must the best options are 1bet2bet.com and 888.com. There is nothing actually wrong with these sites, there are just far better ones available in other languages.

The country that is world leader in sports betting is the United Kingdom. Their country first licensed commercial betting shops in 1961. These are like Mini-Marts / 7-Elevens that instead of selling convenience items and snacks accept sports bets. There are 9,000 of them in the UK making up over 4% of all retail. The majority are chains owned by massive companies that are publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange.

Since 2007, the UK has issued licenses for the online divisions of betting shop companies to accept internet sports bets from players all over the world. These websites tend to have the most betting options per match, and cover more sports and leagues than betting sites located elsewhere. No matter what Arab country you live, there are UK bookmakers that offer betting on your local teams. You can of course also bet sports from anywhere else in the world at their websites. They however again do not support Arabic language.

www.ladbrokes.com is a good option that supports French and English language. They don’t service all Arab league countries though. In particular, they are best for Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Oman and Lebanon. They specifically have services and banking options for those Arab countries. They do also accept players from Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Mauritania, Comoros, Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan, and Syria but might not have ideal banking options as those are not the countries they target. All other Arab League member countries not mentioned can’t use their website. Really they are most ideal for French and English speakers in those six countries I mentioned first. They have sports betting, casino, and poker from the same website. They are one of the UK’s oldest and largest bookmakers and are publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange.

Other decent UK boomakers include: BetVictor and William Hill.

To win the most money betting sports it is wise to use several online bookmakers. The Arabic language ones mentioned earlier have full juice and limited promotions. At the UK ones there are diverse odds. You can open the sites side by side and look for which is offering the highest payout on the selection you are looking to bet. They also have many promotions such as cash bonuses, risk free bets, bore draw refunds, accumulator bonuses, and certain stake back promotions. Using multiple sites is a way to obtain the best odds and get the largest amount of promotional value and bonus cash.

Betting Odds Explained

One quick thing to cover before I finish, those very new to betting might not understand how the odds work. The format used most often at online betting sites is called the European decimal format. The odds shown are much your bet will return on a win.

Odds 2.00 is risk 1 to get a return of 2. (1 stake * 2.00 odds = 2). In other words 2.00 odds pay even money, the return is 2, but 1 of that was your initial stake. Odds 1.25 is risk 1 to return 1.25. The return is your stake of 1, plus 0.25 in winnings. This is a bet paying far less than even money, so it means you are dealing with a big favourite. There are other odds formats available in the setting’s section of some betting sites. European decimal odds are the easiest to use. If you are new I suggest selecting this odds format as I’ve just explained it to you.

Before finishing the sports section, again I remind we have unique articles written by professional gamblers from most Arab countries. A lot of these include extremely vast details about sports in general from each country as well as which of these can be bet online. I strongly suggest visiting our countries parent page to access these.

Banking Options and Online Poker

Arabic Online Poker is an article I did that includes a strong overview of the banking options used in Arab league countries. The methods discussed include NETELLER, Cashu, AstroPayCard, Bitcoin, Debit Card, EntroPay, and Skrill. Our country specific articles are more detailed with local options. This poker article however covers a good general overview helpful to residents of all Arab League member states. Understand the same banking options used at poker sites are also used at online casinos and online bookies. That article is also a good read for anyone interested in learning about online poker which has become increasingly more popular in the Arab world.