Online Gambling Reviews for Arabic Players

To give you the greatest online betting experience, we’ve reviewed the best sportsbooks and casinos for players in the Middle East and North Africa. You’ll find various game types, the best possible sporting odds and exciting bonus offers. We have covered a broad variety of verticals and sports so you can find something that suits you, regardless of your preferences.

Bitcoin Casinos and Sports Betting Sites

Online Sportsbook Reviews

Your safety when betting online is just as important to us as your sports betting experience. We only hire people who have experience in gambling themselves so they know what to look out for and what should be avoided, as well as the factors that contribute to a high-quality sports betting site. Read on to discover our detailed process for online sportsbook reviews on this page.

Online Casino Reviews

There are countless online casinos on the web, which inevitably leads to some being better than others. Through strict vetting, we’ve included the best websites that cater to players in the MENA region. All our online casino reviews are carried out by experts who love playing – just like you – and therefore know what and who they can trust. Read on to learn more about our casino review process on this page.

How we Rate Online Gambling Sites

Every gambling site you see on here has passed a strict testing process. This means that all these operators are safe, secure and trusted. Moreover, you will have access to customer support when needed. The testing process for online casino sites consists of the following:

verified account icon

The casinos that we review must have a positive reputation. All the best brands in the world are popular because they know how to satisfy their customers; online casino websites are no different. Our experts research what other players think about each operator, before determining whether they will be good enough to recommend to you.

secure payment

Some online casinos accept players based in Arabic-speaking countries, but many don’t. We make sure that all our listed casinos accept payments from the MENA region.

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Bonus Offerings

Bonus offers can make your online casino experience more enjoyable. Our team have sampled many varieties of bonuses from a wide range to ensure only the fairest and best value offers are presented to you.

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Customer Service

You may experience an issue when you play online, such as delays in payments and technical issues. While rare, it helps to have a caring and competent customer support team on the other line if something happens. Our recommended online casinos are staffed by trained professionals ready to provide you with timely solutions to any of your problems.

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Mobile and App Compatibility

The world is getting more digital and many players are moving away from their desktops. As a result, many casinos have now optimised their webpages for mobile and developed apps too. Every operator you see on here has user-friendly accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) and/or well-functioning apps that can be downloaded from iOS or Android devices.

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Anonymity/Registration Eligibility (VPN Access)

The regulatory nature of online gambling across the Middle East and North Africa means that protecting your identity is vital. All the online casinos that feature on our website can be accessed via a secure VPN. We have also made sure that you can retain anonymity when it comes to creating a player account, as well as withdrawing and depositing money.

To find out how we review our sportsbooks and casinos before including them in the list of the top gambling sites in the Arabic speaking region, check out the section below.

Online Sportsbook Reviews

  • Available Betting Markets: Some sportsbooks have a broad range of betting markets, but others prefer to offer just a few. When putting together our online sportsbook reviews, we make sure that many different interests are covered.
  • Selection of Betting Options: It’s common for players to bet on the result of an individual match or outcome for a specific competition, but there’s so much more to sports betting than that. Our experts look for unique betting options that are available to ensure that, if you want to, you can choose a different kind of bet.
  • Stake Limits: Often, there will be a maximum and minimum amount that you’re allowed to place on a bet. While this is important for both player protection and ensuring that people aren’t just there to take advantage of player bonuses, they can be frustrating if too restrictive. We look for stake limits that are sensible at both ends of the scale to give you greater control.

Online Casino Reviews

  • Game Selection: Along with the classics, many online casino operators have a range of new and exciting titles. We look not just at those with a selection of games that will interest you, but also concentrate on the software developers providing them and whether they’re respected in the industry.
  • Selection of Betting Options: We seek to ensure that all online casinos on our website have a range of betting options. This can range from jackpots to spins, to anything in between. We aim to give you a well-rounded online gaming experience.
  • Stake Limits: Many online casino websites enforce both minimum and maximum stake limits. Our procedure in this respect is like how we review sportsbooks; we look for sensible wagering limits at both ends so that you aren’t too restricted.

The Legality of Online Gambling in Arabic Countries

Online gambling is largely prohibited in Arabic-speaking countries. There are some exceptions; Lebanon has government-approved sites for sports betting, while Morocco does likewise but for lotteries.

Although most governments in the Middle East and North Africa would prefer that their citizens didn’t gamble online, the steps they take to stop players from accessing online casinos vary and are often mild. Only some governments actively block gambling sites, while even fewer make attempts to prosecute players who take part in such activities online.

Many players in this region gamble online each day and take measures to protect themselves. Ways that you can keep yourself safe include using a secure VPN, along with well-protected banking systems and payment methods. These will help to allow you to remain anonymous when accessing online casino and sports betting websites.

To ensure that your identity is protected and that you can wager safely, we recommend that you read our sportsbook and online casino reviews before depositing with any operator.


For the most part, it’s safe to gamble online. However, you should take the safety measures and precautions recommended on our review page to protect yourself against potential threats.

Yes. In most cases, using a VPN will allow you to access websites that might be blocked depending on your region – while also keeping you anonymous.

Online gambling sites are largely unregulated in the Middle East, but players who bet are seldom punished. However, you should take measures like using a VPN and discreet payment methods to stop yourself from getting caught.

That depends on what you’re looking for. The best online casino for one person is not going to be the best sportsbook for another. Our reviews put many sites to the test so that you can select a safe and reliable partner for your online gambling provider.

No, for the most part. However, some operators will disregard your safety and seek nothing but money in their pockets. It’s important to read our reviews before you deposit with an unknown site. All our recommended online casinos have been thoroughly reviewed for safety and reliability.

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