Your Guide to Online Gambling in UAE

If you’re looking for the most accurate information on gambling in the United Arab Emirates, then this is the page for you. Our team of industry veterans has compiled a list of the best and safest online casinos in the UAE, allowing you to enjoy your favourite casino games with peace of mind.

At our recommended sites, you’ll not only be able to play a variety of the best online casino games from the world’s best software providers, but you’ll also enjoy the most lucrative VIP perks in the industry. With decades of combined experience, our team has all the information you’ll need to enjoy UAE gambling safely and confidently. That’s why thousands of UAE players already trust Arabian Betting to help them play at casinos online.

• Find the best online casinos for UAE players.
• Learn more about online gambling laws in the UAE.
• Read our guide on how to safely enjoy online gambling.

The Best Online Casinos for UAE Players

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How We Select the Best Online Gambling UAE Casinos

We know that you consider a lot of factors when choosing an online casino, and that’s why our team looks into every aspect of each site when recommending online casinos for UAE players. That’s also why our top lists give you more than one option, because we know that no one site is perfect for every player.

One of the most important things we look at is the game variety available at each casino. We consider both the number of different game types and variations available to you, as well as the quality of the software providers that developed those games. That way, we know that you can enjoy the best possible selection of titles, whether you are looking for slots, table games, video poker, or something more exotic.

Since there is no legal casino gambling in the United Arab Emirates, we also know that you might be craving that real resort experience. That’s why we make sure to point out the live dealer games at each of our recommended casinos. Live dealer tables allow you to play blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and other games with real dealers over live video streams, making it the closest thing to a Las Vegas or Macau casino you can get on the internet.

One area we emphasize in our reviews is how well each online casino treats its VIP players. If you want to spend money with a casino online then you deserve to be treated well, and our recommended casinos provide high rollers with special perks like bigger bonuses, rewards programs, and exclusive promotions that give you more for your money.

With mobile gambling becoming more and more prevalent every year, we also ensure that each of our recommended casinos feature mobile-optimisation, so that you can be confident that you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite games on your phone or tablet. We also know that UAE gambling can be challenging at times, so we test out the customer service teams at each site to make sure you’ll get friendly, knowledgeable help when you need it.

Looking for the Best Bookmakers Available to UAE Players?

While this page is mostly about online casinos in the UAE, we know that many players also have a passion for sports betting. If you’re looking for information on finding online bookmakers who offer betting to UAE players, then you’ll want to check out our page on the Top Bookmakers in the United Arab Emirates.

Online Gambling Laws in UAE: A Guide

Perhaps the most common question our team gets is if online gambling is legal in the UAE. The short answer to this question is that no, online gambling – like virtually all forms of gambling in the UAE – is prohibited by law. But a deeper dive into the country’s gaming policies shows that the situation isn’t entirely black and white.

Broadly speaking, gambling is illegal in the UAE, as it is throughout much of the Middle East and in many other Muslim nations around the world. That’s been the case since 1998, when laws were changed to remove the gambling that had been allowed at some luxury hotels. However, you can find a few exceptions if look close enough around the country.

For starters, people in the UAE can enjoy casino cruises offered by some of the major cruise lines that operate throughout the Middle East. Once these boats get out to international waters, they can offer gambling, making them popular among locals who want a quick casino experience without planning a long vacation to another country with land-based resorts.

While the kinds of lotteries found in many countries are not allowed in UAE, raffles are allowed, and can be considered a legal form of gambling. Many of these are small contests that offer prizes at malls or as parts of promotions by various companies: buy a product, and you’ll get a ticket that could win you a prize.

At least one of these contests, though, is quite large. At duty free shops at UAE airports, anyone can buy tickets for a raffle that offers a top prize of $1 million – something that can be considered a lottery in all but name. Other contests are also offered that give players the chance to win smaller prizes.

Of course, horse racing is also a popular pastime in the UAE. Unlike in many parts of the world, traditional betting isn’t offered at the track on races like the Dubai World Cup, however. While guests can sometimes play in contests that come as part of their entry fee for the chance to win prizes, you won’t see the kinds of betting windows that are commonplace at tracks around the world.

Beyond those limited options, there aren’t any ways to legally gamble in UAE. That hasn’t stopped many people from trying to place bets with illegal businesses and venues that operate in the shadows. However, this is extremely dangerous: not only are you vulnerable to scams when you play at these illegal gambling dens, these operations can also be raided by police, with anyone caught gambling potentially risking legal consequences for doing so.

Online casinos offer a much safer option for UAE gambling. While online gambling is also illegal under UAE law, players can take steps to play safely and discretely with licensed and regulator operators, something that makes gambling on the internet far better than trying to do so at a brick-and-mortar facility.

How to Gamble Online Safely at Our Recommended UAE Casinos

There are many reasons why online casinos are a safe bet for UAE players. For starters, when you stick with our recommended casino sites, you can be sure that you’re playing with operators who are licensed by some of the most trusted regulatory agencies in the world. That means you can be sure that everything about each of these casinos is entirely trustworthy and secure, from the financial systems and the safety of your personal information to the fairness of the games they offer.

Beyond simply picking an excellent casino, there are other steps that can help you make your UAE gambling even safer. If you want to ensure your play is safe and discrete, we recommend using a couple of techniques that have proven effective for countless players throughout the Middle East.

Use a Trusted VPN

One of the most important steps you can take to safeguard your online casino play is the use of a VPN, or virtual private network. A VPN will allow you to mask the source of your traffic so that it appears to be coming from a private network in another location, which could be elsewhere in the UAE, somewhere the Middle East, or based in any country around the world.

While all of our recommended casinos are safe for you to play on, using a VPN will make sure that your play is untraceable, eliminating the concern that local authorities might find out you are engaged in what they see as an illegal activity. That makes a VPN a must-have tool for UAE gambling.

Getting started with a VPN is relatively simple, though there is a small amount of setup involved. The easiest way to start is by choosing a trusted and reliable VPN provider. There are a number of free VPNs out there, though many users choose to use better-known services that come with a small charge, such as NordVPN or CyberGhost VPN.

Once you’ve visited the website for your chosen provider, you’ll want to download the VPN program onto any device you plan to use for online UAE gambling. When you load up the program, you’ll see a wide range of options for various servers located in numerous countries, with some services offering thousands of servers in dozens of different locations. The location you should choose may vary depending on which of our recommended casinos you pick. This will allow you not only to hide your activities, but also circumvent any ISP blocking that is in place for that casino.

Note that once you activate the VPN, all of your traffic will appear to be coming from the location of the server you’re connecting through. That means websites that use location data will now think you are in a different place than your actual position. For instance, weather websites will give you information about the city your VPN is located in, rather than your own. Once you are done with your online gambling, you can turn off the VPN, and websites will once again know your device’s true location.

Use Secure and Popular Banking Methods

Because online gambling is illegal in UAE, banks aren’t just going to allow you to make deposits to casino websites from your account. However, there are a number of ways around this that will both allow you to transfer money to and from online casinos while also giving you the privacy and security you need to feel safe.

The best banking option for UAE gambling is using an e-wallet. These companies provide you with a private wallet that allows you to store funs online, from which you can use them at a variety of sites, including online casinos. That means you’ll never directly transfer funds between your bank or credit card and the casino. Instead, the e-wallet acts as an intermediary.

Cryptocurrencies can also be used in this way at many UAE online casinos. Another alternative is the use of a prepaid card, such as the Paysafecard, that can be purchased at a retail outlet in the UAE and then redeemed at casino sites.

Some of the most popular payment methods used by UAE gamblers include:

• Neteller
• Skrill
• Entropay
• Bitcoin
• Paysafecard

Join Our Top Recommended Casinos in UAE Today

Now that you’re up to speed on online gambling in the UAE, it’s time to start playing! Check out our list of recommended online casinos to choose from the best and most trusted sites for UAE players. By sticking with our top list, you’ll be sure to have a safe, secure, and fun time playing all your favourite games at a world class casino site.


What makes you an authority on UAE gambling?

Our team is made up of experts who have decades of combined experience in the online gambling industry. They’ve taken the time to research not only online gambling laws in the UAE, but also researching and reviewing the sites that are available to UAE players. That allows us to put together a list of only the very best online casinos that accept players from the United Arab Emirates.

How do I know that your recommended casinos are the best in UAE?

We examine every aspect of every casino with consider for our UAE top list. That includes not only looking at the games they provide, but the banking options they offer, their bonus and promotional offers, the quality of their customer service teams, and their safety and security features. These in-depth reviews allow us to say with confidence that you can trust every casino that appears on our recommended list.

Is online gambling illegal in UAE?

Like nearly all forms of gambling, online gambling is considered illegal throughout UAE. The government enforces this by banning online casinos from operating out of the country, and by attempting to block most foreign sites at the ISP level. However, many trustworthy overseas casinos still allow UAE players to join their sites.

Can I gamble online safely from UAE?

Yes, it is possible to gamble safely from the UAE at online casinos. By sticking with our recommended casinos, you’ll be sure you are playing with trusted and safe operators. In addition, the use of a VPN and secure banking methods will help ensure that your play is discrete and untraceable.